Dennis Harp: All the Hoopla

I started reading Dennis Harp; All the Hoopla last night and didn’t stop until I was finished. So interesting to read about someone you know, only to realize how much you don’t know them. Dennis has unselfishly helped so many people, including our family, all the while dealing with issues that most of us would never imagine. So many stories and quotes from people all around this area. He is donating all proceeds to the Wolcottville Lions Club so I hope you can pass on the word. I have to give it a 9.5 out of a 10.

Ken H, LaGrange, Indiana – Facebook Post

Marc did a great job of touch on the life of Coach Harp! His effort to go the extra mile to travel and reach out to individuals to interview really gave the readers great insight! Knowing Coach Harp as he recruited one of my players to Hardin-Simmons when I was at Danville Area CC reminded me of his tireless work ethic!

The struggles in the life of a coach both professionally and personally were well documented & I could relate to being in the coaching profession. His mental struggles and the opening up to his past issue made the reading very eye opening! Hats off to to Coach Harp for sharing!

John Spezia

Retired Athletic Director & Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Danville Area Community College

Danville, Illinois

I am glad that Marc David wrote this book, and appreciate Dennis Harp sharing both his mental health journey and the interesting basketball stories. Dennis is a friend and a good man. So many interesting basketball games, recruiting stories, and fond memories for those of us that had the opportunity to pursue our coaching dreams as college basketball developed as a sport into its highest profile on the national stage ever. And the down to earth realities for those of us who spent time in west Texas eating an Allsups (west Texas’ official convenience store) burrito for dinner while scouting and/or recruiting. Thanks for sharing, Dennis, and also reminding us of your special days as a kid growing up with his basketball dreams in that famous place called Indiana Hoosierland.

Ray Roberts – Hillsboro, Texas

Love the book. I have read the book twice. Please tell Marc David he did a wonderful job.

Joan Herr, New Albany, Indiana –

Not My President

Marc David gives a revealing look into the nation’s politics during the tumultuous 2016-2020 years, attempting to separate fact from fiction. Don’t be fooled by the title. The author’s extensive research presents a non-partisan picture of those that followed a would-be autocrat down a destructive path that divided his own party into those he could bully and those he couldn’t. The words of those that weren’t cowed by lies and deception speak loudest in “Not My President.”

Joel Melin, Pickerington, OH

1,001 Things You Didn’t Want to Know

I wanted to know so I checked out some sample questions. And I found myself thinking, “Where does he come up with these questions and facts?”

Who are Giuseppe Giovanni Roberto D’Abruzzo and Tatiana Josivovna Chernova Blacker … Musical memories I haven’t thought of since my childhood … Beer trivia … Obscure baseball facts … Humorous who-said-it quotations …

Goodness, I never thought he had a handle on so many different subjects. Perhaps he doesn’t. But then, where did he think up all these trivia questions? No wonder, I haven’t seen him out and about in a couple of years. He’s got to be holed up somewhere.

The book is an interesting and easy read, a great way to dazzle your friends at gatherings. Even if they don’t want to know.

Now I know.

Richard Cooke, Tempe, AZ

Available Male Tale

“With tongue firmly planted in his cheek, Marc David describes the trials and tribulations of the dating game with an uproarious musical background. Play it again, Sam!”

-Jaynie Miller Brown Pahrump, Nevada

“As a female divorcee who was in the ‘single and dating’ world for quite awhile, it is interesting and educational to hear this male perspective.”

-Faith Rumm Novato, CA

“As with his other book, The Addicted Runner, Marc David is able to capture the essence of life in a succinct and compelling way that my soul can easily relate to. “

-Richard Cooke Scottsdale, Arizona

“The world of relationships according to Marc David is a curious and captivating place mapped out with high humor in his latest book, ‘Available Male Tale’. This read produced a steady succession of ‘been there’ moments for me as a guy…and I’m sure female readers will be amused by a glimpse at David’s delightfully crazed side of the dating looking glass.”

-Michael Keenan Allentown, PA

The Addicted Runner

“As Marc David so deftly chronicles in “The Addicted Runner,” our daily runs are a call to arms in the name of the passion we have for this glorious sport called running.”

-LAURIE GORDON 2000 Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier

“Marc David’s ‘The Addicted Runner’ explores running’s personal confrontation with something we can sometimes miss with all the blood, sweat and blisters that’s often involved – a nice refreshing splash of humor!”

-AMBY BURFOOT 1968 Boston Marathon champion and Runner’s World Editor-at-Large

“There are all types of addictions. There are runners of every size, shape and culture. This sport has its characters, its superheroes, its common folks. And then there is Marc, who runs to a different tune from anyone I know.”

-BART YASSO Chief Running Officer, Runner’s World

“In ‘The Addicted Runner’ we get to tag along and get a humorous glimpse at one of the lads on the lunatic fringe of our sport. And, as is often the case, the reflections we get back provide a striking resemblance to… ourselves.”

MARK WILL-WEBER Author of The Quotable Runner