What will the year 2018 bring for you?

I have only one major wish and then others tied to that. Good health is more important than everything else combined. Thus, if I can continue to run daily and do another physical exercise it will be a great year.

My other wish tied to the first is that those I know and love remain healthy as well. Health is wealth. Forget material things. Without health, we cannot enjoy anything regardless of the cost.

Some of those in our great nation seem to forget about this. They let the smallest things bother them. They complain when they are not taken care of or things do not go their way.

Many runners I know value their health the same as I. They feel their best after a race or arduous training run. Yes, they may look like hell but when that runner’s high kicks in they feel as if they can accomplish anything. And you know something? Many can.

If you haven’t started an exercise regimen there is no time like the present. Age doesn’t matter. One is never too young … or old to begin a program. In almost any case, it is certain to make you feel better.

Any doubts about it? Try it. You just might find you like it.

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2018 to all.