Be A Doer

Tis’ the season of the resolutionist.

You know who they are, and perhaps you are one of them. They are folks of all types with the best of intentions. This is the year when they are going to start a running program, or some type of exercise program to get in shape.

They are at it with all due diligence for the first week or two of January before falling back on a lax lifestyle – usually by the end of the month. They watch with admiration as other more disciplined individuals continue their programs. “If only I had the time,” is their refrain.

News bulletin: Everyone has the time. Some may have more time than others. But anyone with just a little bit of discipline and desire will find the time to do something to enhance their physical well being. As anyone involved in a fitness program of any type will say, physical well being also leads to mental well being.

Running is my favorite fitness program (addiction?). OK, admitted that living in the Southwest desert gives me greater access and opportunity. But my running program started long before I made it to Arizona. And though my times have slowed, my desire hasn’t.

Being a resolutionist is only a start. Resolve that you will see your fitness program throughout the year. Believe me, you will thank yourself if you do.